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My Philosophy on photography

  My name is Angela Marie Schiel Ferguson and my camera is my paintbrush, I use it to capture the beauty that has already been created all around us. [Ro. 1:20- "For his ...invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived from the things made..." ]

  I strive to give my clients something that is truly unique, and reflects them or their business. I love to create that one of a kind piece that can bring a room together. When photographing people I try to capture not just a pose, but a moment in time that says something about the subject. All my second shooters and assistants are carefully selected and very talented, they each have their own unique 'eye' and style-  and they all share my philosophy on photography!

  I  LOVE my job and always do everything in my power to make sure my customers get exactly what they are looking for! My goal is for all of my clients to have beautiful art that they are proud to show off!

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Heaven's Paintbrush Photography

All photos in the Gallery are available for sale in print, canvas, and other mediums. Please see the Price List for details.